Pray the universe / Exist
Pray the universe

 Let down now EP
Let down now 2. Exist 3. Urban soul 4. Sneaker shoes 5. Lift


Lose my breath (Live)
2. Flower (Live) 3. (Live)
My resistance (Live) 5. Psycho sonic groove (Live)


 Forever and again EP
Forever and again 2. Real you are


 It's very fortunate to be a good friend
Psycho sonic groove 2. Lose my breath 3. No satisfaction
My resistance 5. Urban soul 6. Ride on 7. Just like the feather
 8. Generation 9. Sneaker shoes 10. Exist 11. Further away


 Lift EP
Lift 2. Flower (Live) 3. Let down now (Live) 4. (Live)
Just like the feather (Live) 6. Exist (Live) 7. Urban soul (Live)
Sneaker shoes (Live)

No Printing

Previously Unreleased

1. Hello 2. I wanna be here now 3.Sunrise 4.She comes the swell
5.Medication 6.Can't you see the sky like space 7.Sha-la-la



1st Keio Hachioji SC,Tokyo
2nd Le Giant,Tokyo
3rd Live at Loose Vox,Tokyo
4th Keio Hachioji SC,Tokyo
5th Meisei University,Tokyo
6th Kunitachi Liverpool,Tokyo
7th Kunitachi Liverpool,Tokyo
8th Meisei University,Tokyo
  9th Act,Tokyo
10th Keio Hachioji SC,Tokyo
11th Kunitachi Liverpool,Tokyo
12th Meisei University,Tokyo
13th Create Hall,Tokyo
14th Kunitachi Liverpool,Tokyo
15th Kunitachi Liverpool,Tokyo